Announcement exhibtion in Dresden

Exhibition of money banks in Dresden:


Exhibition of money banks in Dresden

From Dresden to the world
Money banks and pewter figures of the companies Heyde, Hunger and Reiche

6th April to 20th May, 2012

The rise of a contemplative residential city of Dresden into a major economic hub of the Empire in the second half of the 19th Century is commonly associated with the rise of food and beverage industry and the production of high quality consumer goods. Less known is the production of pewter figures by small and medium enterprises such as Georg Heyde (Neustadt) or Edmund Hunger (Striesen). In the late 19th Century this companies produced for an international market place and even found buyers in the United States. A special line of production were banks from pewter in great variety of forms, of which a small selection is shown in this exhibition. Another special feature are vending machines of the company Anton Reiche (Plauen) known for chocolate molds and metal packaging.

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