Unfortunately just a „virtual“ money box

Once we have watched the great Pixar movie „Toy Story 2“ for the ump-teenth time, we noticed for the first time this money box (see screenshot). An awesome mechanical money bank - but unfortunately only „virtual“.
As a special service, you can see the animation of this money bank „in action“ (please be patient - the download may take some time):
Please “refresh” the website, if you want to see it again!

Spardose groß

Christmas-cards 2012

We have published some new christmas cards of our members on the „Members only“-website. Every member can download them here (password protected!).

Much joy to our members for viewing!

New magazine 2.2012

The new issue of „The Bank-Collector“ has been sended to our members.

This issue 2.2012 has again some interesting articles:
  • Poor Boxes
  • Thrift and savings banks
  • Money boxes (Ads)
  • True values
  • Hall’s Excelsior Bank - Ads flyer
  • Convention 2013
  • iPhone-App
  • Review of the meeting 2012 in Cologne
Much joy to our members for reading!

Successful meeting

On Saturday, September, 15th 2012 was a meeting of the money bank collectors in Cologne. We will issue a report in the next magazine.


Update iPhone-App

Update of the iPhone-App: load the program for free in the iTunes-Store.

Informations about the european collectors of money banks with numerous informations about the club, about money banks and about conventions!
With an interactive game (quiz) and a surprise at the end of the quiz!